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We are located in the Piney Woods of NorthEast Texas nestled in the hills and secluded forest with 50 acres of beautiful red clay, and small lakes.

Among the many programs we offer, our most popular is Cob Hill Natural Building School. The school offers workshops designed to give you the maximum amount of hands-on-experience in all aspects of a build. We accomplish this by having builds in various stages of completion. You will get hands-on-experience with foundations, walls, windows, doors and roof systems.

Those attending a 10 day or more workshop are automatically enrolled in our Lifetime of Learning (LOL) Program. Cat Taylor is very adamant about ensuring the success of your dream to build your own natural home. She understands you will not remember everything you learn during your workshop. The LOL Program allows you to return to any workshop tuition free, paying only a small fee for food, for the rest of your life.

The proceeds from our programs support our Veterans and First Responders allowing them to attend our workshops and other programs at a sliding scale discounted rate dependent upon level of disability rating. A standard 20% discount is always offered to Veterans, Active Military and First Responders regardless of disability.

These workshops are not only about natural building, the act of working with others in the soil is extremely therapeutic. The soil itself contains Mycobacterium Vaccae which has been shown to improve mental health and depression. Empowerment, self-worth and purpose are just some of the benefits from attending our natural building workshops.


Plans are in the works for our other programs.

  • Youth Program - Mud Daubers

  • Yoga Teaching Center

  • Pottery classes

  • Glass Studio

Building a natural path to healing for our veterans, community, and our planet. Through our natural building school, cob for vets and equine experience we serve veterans and their families as well as the broader community.

Our Mission

Cob Hill Natural Building School (CHNBS)

Through classes, workshops and service learning opportunities students gain the knowledge and skills to build their own natural, affordable home. Proceeds from CHNBS benefit our Cob For Vets initiatives! Learn more!

Workshops - working hard and having fun in the sun
Veterans coming together to get it done

Cob for Vets

Cob for Vets is one of our many Non-Profit Programs offered by NaturalBuildingOrg. This program is structured for our Veterans, either active duty, retired, or PTSD/Disabled. Workshops are offered at a discounted rate. Upon completion of a workshop you can apply for assistance to build your mortgage free home. Learn more

Mud Daubers Youth Program

Get your kids outside and give them a break from technology!

Projects teaching traditional life skills in an outdoor environment including community service projects and team building skills.

Planned 2023/24 Events  

- Tree house building

- Cob Pizza Oven

- Foraging

- Community Service Events

- Cob Hill pop up youth events


Ages 12 and up. Fee $35 per year.

Membership includes:

- A free T-shirt

- Priority registration for all community events and workshops

- Access to events at special reduced rates

- Priority registration for events at Cob Hill Property

- Free access to students on school field trips

Fairy house time for the youth
High school visit
Kids love playing in the mud! Look at that smile
Beautiful sunrise at Cob Hill

Equine Experience

Our horses have been rescued from bad situations or spared from the kill pen because of a loss of ability. We believe there’s no better connection than an animal and a human that share a history of trauma or a loss. 

We are Grateful for Our
Generous Donors and Corporate Sponsors!

Thanks for your support!
Thanks for your support!
Thanks for your support!
Thanks for your support!
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