Cob Hill Retreat

The retreat is located on 50 beautiful acres of wooded paradise. Come on out and spend a day touring our natural built cob homes and cottages built from the clay and trees right here on the property!

Walk down to the lake and enjoy kayaking, swimming, or just relax and picnic under a big oak tree enjoying the view.
If you hiking, you can follow the nature trail to our infamous Indian Trail Marker tree that is well over 300 years old!. This tree is only one of six discovered in Texas.


Activities offered 

Activities offered 


Fish our spring fed pond!

Stocked with bass, catfish, and sun perch.

(We have a catch and release policy)

        Book a Tour

Take a tour of our cob cottages and structures, as seen on the Discovery network and DIY channel!

All built from the clay and wood harvested right here on the property!

Group rates are offered for school field trips.

       Swimming & Kayaking


Spend the day hanging out at our small swimming lake.

Take a dip in the cool water, or just have a picnic at the waters edge under a tree.

For an additional fee, hop on board the kayaks and explore the small lake.


Come spend an hour playing with the horses! You can give them treats, brush them or just get some horsey kisses!

If you are feeling brave, saddle up and let one of our staff take you on a trail ride.

       Overnight Stay

Bring your tent and primitive camp out in our piney woods and enjoy all the amenities. Including the outdoor showers with never ending hot water!

Soon to come...Book an overnight stay in one of our secluded off grid cob cottages!

    Indian Trail Marker Tree

Explore our nature trails hiking to our newly discovered and verified Indian Trail Marker tree, well over 300 years old. This tree was bent and used by the native Indians that occupied this are hundreds of years ago to help them find their way. It is an absolute miracle it has survived the years of clear cutting for lumber!

    Kids And Group Activities

Play in the mud!

Learn how to make cob, and then make ferry houses or a mini cob pizza oven!

Cob is a mixture of clay, sand,straw and water. Mixed on a tarp by dancing on it! Lets get dirty!

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